Madison Services Group, Inc.
is a woman-owned business focused on helping organizations in two key areas. First, we work tirelessly with our corporate and non-profit clients, helping them create, move, and shape countless pieces of legislation that affect a wide array of industries. Secondly, we guide them in identifying and making the best use of the many government programs and business expansion opportunities that are available to them.

Using our extensive network of contacts along with our hands-on knowledge of the legislative process and government programs, we ensure the concerns of your organization are heard in Washington and that your organization capitalizes on our expertise.

We build strong relationships with the people who count on Capitol Hill, in the Executive Branch, and in numerous federal agencies through continuous communication and interaction. As your representative and your advocate, our goal is to help policy makers understand your side of the issue.

Our success is based upon understanding the specialized needs of each client, matching our capabilities to meet those needs. Together, we can effectively facilitate the growth and expansion of your organization.