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WIPP Works In Washington - June 2013

posted Dec 10, 2013, 11:06 AM by Ann Sullivan   [ updated Dec 10, 2013, 12:04 PM ]
Survey Says: WIPP Members Are Advocates

By Ann Sullivan

A pleasant surprise came in the form of the WIPP 2013 Annual Issues Survey. The question posed was the level of engagement in advocacy by WIPP members. The profile that emerges speaks to the progress since the passage of HR 5050— landmark legislation affecting women business owners. These women actively follow legislative actions, visit their elected officials and find value in continuing their engagement. Just take a look at the statistics.

  • 71% follow WIPP’s activities on Capitol Hill through weekly policy newsletter, social media, issue committee calls
  • 40% have visited their Senator or Representative in DC or in local office. Of those 40%, 77% will continue to engage with their elected officials.
  • 53% have responded to a WIPP Action Alert which involves writing or calling their Congressional delegation.
  • 46% are interested in advocacy training.
  • 38% would like to join WIPP’s Advocacy Team.
  • Two-Thirds have contributed to a PAC.

The word is out—policy has a direct link to the success of your business. And, due to WIPP’s decade long advocacy, women business owners have a seat at all the policy tables. No longer are we on the sidelines looking in—we are shaping policy decisions, testifying, communicating with our legislators on a daily basis.

Our challenge is to continue to harness this advocacy all over this country. We should have a team of WIPP advocates in every Congressional District who can pick up the phone or communicate with Congress at the drop of a hat. Just think of the megaphone women business owners could have if we expanded the above results to many more members nationwide.

The survey results also show us that there is plenty to advocate for. WIPP’s members overwhelmingly indicated that the economy was their greatest concern, and viewed a sluggish economy as a substantial obstacle to their ability to operate their businesses at maximum efficiency. They identified issues in the tax code and concerns over the implementation of the new healthcare law.

All in all, this has been a successful year for WIPP and its government relation’s efforts. Our membership is incredibly involved and engaged in the process, and is interesting in tackling the important issues of today and tomorrow. We are honored to count WIPP members among our strongest advocates. Our work is only as strong as the women business owners we represent.

To learn more about WIPP’s Annual Survey, and to view the document, please click here