Export Expertise


In response to numerous requests from government agencies, trade associations, and private sector clients for assistance in increasing profitability and growth through international trade, Madison Export Services Group has assembled a team of experienced international trade professionals to help develop export opportunities and simplify international trade.


Depending on your international trade interests and the type and size of your organization, Madison Export Services Group will craft an export trade development solution to meet your organization's specific needs. For example, we can support a trade association's efforts to expand its members' international trade by:

  • performing trade analysis and market intelligence
  • organizing and conducting educational webinars and strategy meetings
  • helping shape industry-specific trade policy
  • providing trade finance and insurance guidance
  • researching legal and regulatory issues
  • providing trade planning and strategic guidance
  • organizing and leading trade missions
  • providing business matchmaking services


We can also assist individual companies in answering the question, "How can we profit from export growth opportunities?" - by using Madison Export Service Group's efficient and cost effective four-step program. Throughout the process, our goal is to maximize your return on investment by delivering incremental and actionable reports, implementation plans, and regular reviews:

  1. Survey Export Market Potential - Project the U.S. export prospects and potential for your products/services through a summary analysis of public market data and intelligence. Rank your foreign trade prospects by country and identify three key export target markets for potential development.
  2. Assess Export Market Requirements and Export Readiness - Analyze your readiness to exploit the three target markets through an export-focused analysis of your company, its products/services, market requirements, export logistics, and financial considerations.
  3. Analyze Overseas Requirements and In-Country Support - Analyze your company's international sales and distribution options in the key export markets. Identify, profile, interview potential in-country partners. Facilitate and assist in the development of in-country relationships, including contracts, performance objectives and performance reviews.
  4. Develop a Comprehensive Export Plan - Where appropriate, develop a comprehensive written export business development and marketing plan - including detailed sales forecasts, budgets, and cost benefit analyses - that is suitable for distribution to internal and external audiences in an effort to build support for your export growth, development, and international market launches.